Sunday, February 11, 2018

Wave 24 Delivery & Cold Weather Warning!!!

What a grueling 2 weeks...
After Fed Ex & Homeland Security held up my packages for an additional 5 days...
all my boxes arrived and I processed them in 24 hours!!!

That said, we have & had some seriously cold weather here in the USA (at least in the midwest).  

A very small number of figures have arrived with a single broken hind toe (the toe that is glued in place in the factory).  

Please let the figures warm up to at least room temperature before assembling or playing with them.  

Any broken toes (not just glue coming loose) that have snapped due to the weather will be replaced with a new foot after Chinese New Year is over and the factory begins working on my late March/early April C2E2 order.  

So if you have contacted me regarding a broken toe, hang tight and be patient with both the factory and myself.  

Pretty sure most of you are already enjoying or soon to be enjoying the new figures!!!

Thanx again to EVERYONE for all the patience, support, & kudos regarding Wave 24!  It is extremely appreciated.


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