Monday, November 22, 2010

Official ClawShine 4 SALE now!


アメリカのユデッキーからの贈り物 「CLAWSHINE」 ありがとう!!!
(It's X-mas & nothing like gifts 2 the man!)

Here is what all u collectors have been waiting 4!  "ClawShine" measuring in @ a full 1 15/16" (basically 2")!!!  ClawShine will come in these possible crystal clear colorways:  YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN, & CLEAR!  Glitter chases in the same crystal clear colorways 2!

$30 ea. + $6 USPS Priority shipping w/ DC#.  

Please comment below on how many u want & your name.  I will fill orders in #'d order on this list.  If u have problems posting your order/comment, email me @

No limit on the # ordered & if u order 2-7 u will NOT get duplicate colorways.


Check out Nathan's "Dork Dimension" for more info on his INCREDIBLE "ClawShine" header card art!

King.the.100t's ClawShine gettin' ready 2 scrap!

King.the.100t's ClawShine hangin' w/ Sunshine!


MeatBoy sculpt by Jason Frailey, distributed by TGB CUSTOMS.
$15 ea. + shipping.  Email me @ 2 order now!  Some prototypes & colorway test shots available (inquire price via email).

Please check out & "Follow" Jason's blog... 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prisman Arachnid

Prisman Arachnid
Months ago I created a Prisman Arachnid w/ 3 custom crystal clear Prismen I made.  

Here is a custom Prisman Arachnid Jason Speth created w/ some custom gitd red Prismen I made 4 him.  Thanx 4 the video!

Here is a custom Prisman Arachnid Ryan Schaeffer created w/ some custom solid black w/ universe holographic glitter Prismen I made 4 him.   Thanx Ryan 4 the photo!

Here is a custom Prisman Arachnid Hawkeye Clark created w/ some custom clear black Prismen I made 4 him.   Thanx Hawkeye 4 the photo!