Thursday, February 5, 2015

THEGODBEAST February Kabuto Mushi release 2.6.15 @ 8pm CST

New Kabuto Mushi MKII release 
2.6.15 @ 8pm CST

Galactic Emperor Mushi $16 ea.
Ultra Mushi $16 ea.
Cyborg Mushi $16 ea.

Funny story about the "Galactic Emperor Mushi."  So Chris Para/JafariStew/Tommy Heavenly sent me some mechanicals he was messin' around with...when I saw one it caught my eye and reminded me of Frieza from DBZ.  I was a HUGE DBZ fan in the 1990's till around 2006.  He told me that his mechanical had no toy homage reference and so I tweaked the colors and paint apps a bit and BOOM... 

"Galactic Emperor Mushi" was born!!!  

Thanx Chris for sparkin' my love of DBZ with your mechanical.

Below is Chris' mechanical he sent me....

Sunday, January 4, 2015

THEGODBEAST Glyos Universe & Kabuto Mushi Building Challenge update!!!

Here is a photo (courtesy of Onell Design) of the prize packs for "THEGODBEAST Official Building Challenge!!!"  

Best part, we are trying to make sure that 1st-5th place winners will ALL receive identical prize packs!!!

I have decided to extend the contest longer (not sure when I will end it just yet) for more collectors to enter!!!

Here is a link to the contest and links to all the companies participating with prizes:   THEGODBEASTOnell Design, RawShark Studio,  Spy Monkey Creations, ToyFinity, Rocket North, & Ni Stuff.  

ALL companies involved are hoping to see a BUNCH more entries!!!

Don't wait to the contest can close at anytime.  ;)



Sunday, December 14, 2014

Final Kabuto Mushi release of 2014

Last Kabuto Mushi release of 2014!!!  

Going out with a BANG this year!!!  

3 Brand spankin' new DX homage Kabuto Mushi figures available in VERY LIMITED quantities!!!  

Insectoid Mushi, Bio Boosted Mushi, & Rider Mushi!!!

Make sure you refresh the store page and check out quickly so you don't get cart jacked!!!

BIG THANX 2 EVERYONE 4 making this 1st year of Kabuto Mushi a powerful 1!!!

Good Luck!!!
Happy Holidays!!!


HUGE THANX 2 Matt Doughty of Onell Design for ALL his guidance, collaboration, and friendship through the years!!!  I couldn't have made this figure what it was without him!!!  

Hopefully we can get a RARE sighting of this BEAST with my Nerd City Crew @ 2015 C2E2!!!  

Photo below of the Doughty Squatch roaming the MA forests!!!  Oh and of him eating a taco!!!  ;)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2014 Designer Con THEGODBEAST / KABUTO MUSHI style!!!

2014 Designer Con 

Huge thanx 2 everyone who came by our booth @D-Con!!!  Here are some quick pix of the weekend...

All packed up with my new killer Kabuto Mushi tote (gift from Kris of "CoffeeCupRobot) & ready 2 roll.

Touched down @ LAX.

Playin' & buildin' toyz w/ Spy Monkey himself @ his home.

Jeremy gets excited playin' toyz w/ friendz!  hehehe...

What an intelligent builder!

A Spy Monkey WoM armory "Space Crab" build I did & a "RoboGoliPhant" build Mark of Fantastic Plastic Toys did @ Jeremy's!

Our Designer Con booth all set up.

Mystical Warriors of the Ring spread, including the title belt & 4 brand spankin' new MWOTR test shot figures!

True Cast Studio's "The Walking Dud!"

THEGODBEAST "Kabuto Mushi" in D-Con exclusive color swaps!

Pat Bussey's Bio Masters!!!  Coloring pages 4 the kiddos!

Full color Bio Master prints including Glyos "Travelers" & "Kabuto Mushi!"

Vampire Taco break 4 lunch!

Sneak peak #1 of December's Kabuto Mushi release...homage to TF "Insecticon!"  40 factory paint apps!!!

Nash (huge TF fan) scored the very 1st Dec. Kabuto Mushi figure!!!  Super kewl kid & family!!!  Huge thanx 2 them 4 their support of Kabuto Mushi!!!

Nash's post D-Con pic!  

"Orangeslime's" post con swag pic from Instagram!

And another collector's post con swag pic from Instagram!

Jason Ho (hiding behind a Space Invader...hahaha) holding sneak peak #2 of December's Kabuto Mushi release...homage to "Kamen Rider!"  (Scarf I custom made & will not be included with the figures in Dec.)

Patrick Thai brought his Laragons 2 show me how friggin' AWESOME they are with "Kabuto Mushi" riding them!!!

Close up #1

Close up #2

Marc & Matt doing their panel...I tried 2 crack Doughty's stoic luck even getting him 2 smile.  ha 

However, making Doughty where the "Boo" hat made EVERYONE smile & laugh...hahaha  The elusive "Bearded Ghost Mushroom Head Sasquatch" form the great northeastern woods!  Such a rare west coast sighting...where is Patterson with his camera?  hahahahaha

TGB ridiculousness!!!

Part of the swag I scored @ D-Con!!!

Plane ride home 2 KC!!!

Tremendous thanx 2 Ayleen & Ben 4 having us & puttin' on such a perfect con this year!!!  We hope 2 return next year & have an even better time (if that is even possible)!!!  

The absolute best part of Cons for me is hangin' out w/ my friends & collectors!!!  Thanx again 2 everyone who I spoke & hung out with!!!


The following pix Ryan Brottlund "Saul Goode" took of our booth @ D-con!!!  Thought I should post them since his are way better than mine! ;)

Also, some neat pix from Brian Six!!!