Sunday, March 5, 2017

THEGODBEAST Kabuto Mushi Wave 19 w/ special guest "Scarab Hunter" Callgrim!!!

 Kabuto Mushi x Callgrim

Kaubto Mushi Wave 19 
tonight 03/05/17 @ 8pm CST

Special guest "Scarab Hunter" Callgrim!!!
"Scarab Hunter" Callgrim will be available at

"X-Ray Scarab" Mushi mechanical 
Tampo design based off of Onell Design's tampo. 
Kabuto Mushi tampo created by Pat Bussey/Bio Masters

 Alternate Mushi builds

"Neo Nonillia Scarab" Mushi mechanical

 Alternate Mushi builds

Original Artwork by Jesse Moore/RawShark Studios 
(owner of Callgrim)!!!

"Scarab Elite" Mushi mechanical

Alternate Mushi builds

"Scarab Hunter" Callgrim mechanical

Alternate Callgrim builds

Please also visit 
for previous RawShark Studios "Callgrim" releases!

Onell Design colorway matching Glyos Axis Joints.

Please visit for previous Onell Design "Glyos" releases & cross company colorways!

WAVE 19 
 set of all 4 colorways

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wave 18 (2.0 building wave) Scarab vs. Monster or Kabuto Mushi vs. Bio Mass Monster

ALL orders (and there was a TON) were at USPS 20 hours after I received the figures from the factory in China!!! 

What an INCREDIBLE turnout for the final wave of 2016 completing my 3rd full year of production toys!!! 

Huge thanx 2 all my collector friends 4 all their support these years!!! Couldn't have gotten this far without you all!!! 

Just a few Scarabs & Monsters left at: Wave 18 (build wave 2.0): 2 Kabuto Mushi & 2 Bio Mass Monsters. Each figure includes a Glyos Axis Joint set in matching neon PMS 808 & PMS 805 colorways. 

Already working on my 1st 2017 release in February!!! 

Scarabs vs. Monsters!!! 

Below is the mechanical & sample of Zeta Scarab Reverse.

Below is the mechanical & sample of Zeta Scarab.

Below is the mechanical & sample of Zeta Monster.

Below is the mechanical & sample of Zeta Monster Reverse.

Below are pix of the samples from the factory in China...

Sunday, October 30, 2016

WAVE 17 Kabuto Mushi & Wave 4 Titan Mushi 10.30.16 @ 8pm cst

Here we are...2.5 months since Wave 16 KM...

Wave 17 KM and Wave 4 TM are coming this evening 10.30.16 @ 8pm CST.

DX "Mod Mushi" 
(each figure includes Glyos Axis Joints x2)
(homage to MOTU's "Modulok")

Glyos "Mod Crayboth"

"Standard Kabuto Mushi MKII"
(funded by my son MJ & colorway matches his Kabuto Mushi comic)

Glyos "Kabuto Crayboth"
(funded by son MJ & colorway matches his Kabuto Mushi comic)

"Insectoid Titan Mushi"
(homage to Transformer's "Bombshell")

"Chopper Mushi"
(homage to Transformer's "Chop Shop")

ULTRA LIMITED unpainted Kabuto Mushi
(only 25 sets produced)

Wave 17 KM & Wave 4 Mechanicals