Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thanx!!! New colorway swaps coming to www.godbeast.com

First let me thank everyone for their support of Kabuto Mushi & Titan Mushi last Friday night!!!  

As a special thanks to all that turned out and those that have contacted me requesting particular classic Glyos colorways... I am adding a limited # of Rothan, Halos, Gatekeeper, Gatekeeper Reverse, Omega Crayhunter, & Omega Crayhunter Reverse to the store this evening!!!  Been working on these all day and my fingers are killin' me.   

The limited time $11 each "Special Building Price" will still be in effect at least until this Friday April 22nd!!!  

Please note, all 6 of these new colorway swaps still utilize all 6 original colorways in Wave 14. 

Halos Scarab

Rothan Scarab

Gatekeeper Scarab

Gatekeeper Scarab Reverse

Omega Crayhunter Scarab

Omega Crayhunter Scarab Reverse

Friday, April 15, 2016

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kabuto Mushi Wave 13 & Titan Mushi Wave 2 coming tonight!!!

Kabuto Mushi Wave 13 & Titan Mushi Wave 2
03.01.16 @ 8pm CST

 Dark Rider Mushi $16 ea.

SunStorm Mushi $16 ea.

Trooper Mushi $16 ea.

Desert Trooper Mushi

Patrol Titan Mushi $35 ea.

Baron Titan Mushi $35 ea.

Homage outdoor pic.

Vinyl part swaps with Titan Mushi & Glyos Super Crayboth.

Backpack/Blaster/Rifle builds using Callgrim & Glyos parts.

Inspriation for the Patrol Titan, Trooper Mushi, & Desert Trooper homages...