Wednesday, December 16, 2015

THEGODBEAST - Wave 12 Kabuto Mushi pvc & Wave 1 Titan Mushi vinyl December PRESALE

Before going into the details of Wave 12 Kabuto Mushi release...  

I would like to thank everyone who has supported Kabuto Mushi for the last 2 years!  I still can't believe it has been 2 full years of overseas production already!!!  I am truly humbled by the love and support of my collector friends worldwide!!!  All the BEST to everyone in 2016!!!


Wave 12 Kabuto Mushi & Wave 1 Titan Mushi

Presale: Sunday December 20th @ 8pm CST

Presale due to slight delay with Titan Mushi vinyl.  
Should be in-hand at the end of the month.

(Kabuto Mushi pvc figures are in-hand now.)

KTX Mushi $16 ea.


Colorway inspiration. 

Colorway inspiration.

Unpainted KTX Mushi (limited to 25 units) $12 ea.

Titan Rider Mushi $16 ea.


Colorway inspiration.

Unpainted Titan Rider Mushi (limited to 25 units) $12 ea.

Instar X Mushi $15 ea.


Colorway inspiration.

Colorway inspiration.

Unpainted Instar X Mushi (limited to 25 units) $12 ea.

New rotocast vinyl Titan Mushi
ALL orders with vinyl Titan Mushi will ship as soon as they are in-hand 
(towards the end of the month).

T1 Test Shot Titan Mushi 

T2 Test Shot Titan Mushi 

Unfortunately at this time, 
I only have mechanicals of the Wave 1 vinly Titan Mushi.
Photos of actual products to come...

T3 Test Shot Titan Mushi $75 ea.
Rotocast in PMS 5777 C

Standard Titan Mushi (w/detail lines) $41 ea.
Rotocast in PMS 731C
Painted details in PMS Gloss Black C, Ultra Gold, & PMS 7511 C
PMS Black 4C Detail Lines

Instar (Pupae) Titan Mushi $33 ea. 
Rotocast in PMS Pure White C w/ pearlescent additive) 
(PMS Gloss Black C painted details)

Titan Mushi was truly years in the making.  I started the first Titan Mushi sculpt clear back in 2011 (Origins of Titan Mushi)!!!  

Spring of 2014 I revisited the Titan Mushi concept collaborating with toy genius-Matt Doughty of Onell Design (creator of Glyos).  Matt sent me some sketches based loosely on my original sculpt while linking it's dna to the Glyos universe for compatibility.  Working off his sketches I sculpted Titan Mushi in Castilene wax.  Then Matt would do more sketches of my sculpt (tweaking places here and there) and I would sculpt more from the evolved sketches, back-n-forth & back-n-forth...true collaboration.  (See Matt Doughty's Titan Mushi sketches below.)  When collaborating with Matt I had 2 personal requirements for Titan Mushi... #1 that it can transform from a stand alone bipedal beetle creature into a beast of burden that Kabuto Mushi could ride on top of (like a Star Wars Patrol Dewback).  

After I finished the sculpt, I molded it, prototyped it in resin, and hand delivered it to Matt at 2014 Designer Con.  

Late summer 2015, Matt took the prototype to the Glyos factory in China.  While there, Matt, Paul, and the tool master analyzed my prototype.  They solved 3 major no-no's in vinyl production (a T-crotch, 90 degree angles/wrists, & super thin/skinny parts/horn).  Matt tweaked my prototype both on an engineering level (not my expertise) and a lil' bit on an aesthetic level.  The end result is the production rotocast test shots above!!!

  HUGE THANX 2 Matt Doughty & Paul Wai for bringing to life production TITAN MUSHI!!!