Monday, August 15, 2016

Wave 16 Kabuto Mushi release tonight 08.15.16 @ 8pm CST

Wave 16 Kabuto Mushi tonight 08.15.16 @ 8pm CST are 4 homages to some killer 80's Bugmen toylines!!!

First up is "Arachstor Mushi," an homage to none other than Masters of the Universe / MOTU evil henchmen "Webstor."  This is a SUPER DX figure that comes with not one, but, TWO of each sets of Spy Monkey's PVC weapon armory A & B molds!!!  With all these parts collectors can build numerous crazy arachnid mushi!!!  
$35 ea.

Next up is "General Mushi," an homage to Sectaurs "General Spidrax!!!"  He comes with brand spankin' new ankle paint apps!!!  
$18 ea.

Last is a pair of bugs "Evil & Wicked Mushi," homages to Rocks Bugs & Things "Evil Beetle & Wicked Cricket!!!"  
$18 ea.

There will also be an ULTRA LIMITED amount of upainted Kabuto Mushi sets ( 4 different colorways per set)!!!
$62 per set of all 4.

As many of you may notice, several previous colorways are now "SOLD OUT" or seriously "LOW STOCK."  Due to 2016 Kansas City ComiCon last weekend, supplies of Wave 16 are already low and I predict many to be "LOW STOCK" shortly after the store opens.  

Just a fair warning.  ;)

Thanx 2 everyone 4 the support & good luck tonight!!!