Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kansas City Planet Comic Con & new sculpt photos

March 26th & 27th Jason Frailey & Joe Song asked me 2 set up & chill w/ them in their booth @ Kansas City Planet Comic Con.  Jason & I decided 2 drop 2 all new sculpts there!

1 set of arms have the Glyos joint system & are compatible!

We also brought the handful left of Missfit Mels from their inaugural drop @ C2E2 the prior weekend.  Only  12 were produced and each is hand signed & #'d on the bottoms of their feet.   Snag one of these last 1st series cutties b4 they are all gobbled up.  $90 ea. + shipping.  Future releases will not have paint apps. or minimal paint apps., so these 12 will stand as they key pieces in this series.

Also, just a few of Jason Frailey's Grumpty Dumpties left in time 4 Easter baskets.  $30 ea. + shipping.  The single proto w/ body is $50 + shipping.  

Phil Reed's "AWAJ" resin toy hits the scene!

So I was checking out Phil Reed's BattleGrip Blog 2day & saw some SUPER kewl photos of his new resin piece, "AWAJ."  This creepy little fellow reminds me of Phantasm's transdimensional dwarves, oh & evil jawas of course.  Only 7 have been made available 2 collectors 4 a mere $35 each.  Killer piece 4 any resin artist collection 4 sure!