Sunday, March 5, 2017

THEGODBEAST Kabuto Mushi Wave 19 w/ special guest "Scarab Hunter" Callgrim!!!

 Kabuto Mushi x Callgrim

Kaubto Mushi Wave 19 
tonight 03/05/17 @ 8pm CST

Special guest "Scarab Hunter" Callgrim!!!
"Scarab Hunter" Callgrim will be available at

"X-Ray Scarab" Mushi mechanical 
Tampo design based off of Onell Design's tampo. 
Kabuto Mushi tampo created by Pat Bussey/Bio Masters

 Alternate Mushi builds

"Neo Nonillia Scarab" Mushi mechanical

 Alternate Mushi builds

Original Artwork by Jesse Moore/RawShark Studios 
(owner of Callgrim)!!!

"Scarab Elite" Mushi mechanical

Alternate Mushi builds

"Scarab Hunter" Callgrim mechanical

Alternate Callgrim builds

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for previous RawShark Studios "Callgrim" releases!

Onell Design colorway matching Glyos Axis Joints.

Please visit for previous Onell Design "Glyos" releases & cross company colorways!

WAVE 19 
 set of all 4 colorways