Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Kabuto Mushi Wave 15 HUGE THANX!!! THEGODBEAST

WoW!!!  What a turn out for Kabuto Mushi Wave 15!!!

As I type this, Khepri sold out on release night in minutes, Royal Mushi is down to only 3 last units, Buzzer Mushi is down to only 16 units, and Hopper Mushi is hanging out for store stock as planned.

Not planned...regular store stock running low due to a rush of new collectors!!!

I truly appreciate the support of Kabuto Mushi for a full 2.5 years now!!!

HUGE THANX 2 everyone 4 supporting Kabuto & Titan Mushi!!!

Here are the mechanicals for Wave 15:


Tampo Tests (not for sale):

Thursday, June 16, 2016

GodBeast.com site upgrades & Super DX Buzzer Mushi

I have had TONS of collectors/friends/customers contact me in the last 18 hours worrying about www.godbeast.com being down for what Lycos/Tripod (my web hosting server) calling, "Upgrades."  

With a VERY IMPORTANT pending release of Kabuto Mushi Wave 15 tomorrow night 06.17.16 @8pm CST.  

IF www.godbeast.com/shop.htm is still down midday tomorrow, the store will be located at:

HUGE THANX to my brutha from anotha mutha Mark "Computer-Wiz" Vasquez!!!  Couldn't do it w/o him!!!

Here is the link to the supposed "upgrade."  www.lycosstatus.com

Until tomorrow...here is a sneak peek at Super DX "Buzzer Mushi" the 4th & final new Kabuto Mushi in this Wave 15 release!!!  

Recognize this lil' buzzer's homage?

 Enjoy and see you all tomorrow night!!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Wave 15 Kabuto Mushi release 06.17.16 @ 8pm CST

I can't believe this is already Wave 15 of the Kabuto Mushi!!!  

This will be a very meaningful release to me both inspirationally & creatively!  With the passing of my all time favorite musician (Prince) at the end of April, I pulled my planned mechanicals set to send to the factory in China & worked driven/inspired to complete not 1, but, 2 mused mechanicals.  

For these 2 particular Kabuto Mushi I did a super limited special test tampo run, then a regular "Kabuto Sect" tampo run on "Khepri" & "Royal Mushi." 

This "Kabuto Sect" tampo will be a regular addition to very important Kabuto Mushi & Titan Mushi from here on out.  Thanx to Pat Bussey (creator of the "coming very soon to Glyos production" Bio Masters, Bio Mass Monster) for designing this incredible tampo for Kabuto Mushi!!!

"Khepri" & "Royal Mushi" will both come with gorgeous header cards designed thanx to Nate Newell!  

Wave 15 will introduce "Hopper Mushi" in my favorite color (a previous Glyos pearlescent/metallic colorway) for building &/or for cross company squad building.

To round out the 4th & final Kabuto Mushi in this wave, I will be offering a SUPER DX "Buzzer Mushi" paying homage for a 3rd time to one of my favorite 80's toylines...this time a heroic insectoid, painted to the 9's, tricked out with x2 Glyos Axis Joints & x2  abs Weaponeers of Monkaa Armory parts!!!  A huge thanx to Onell Design & Spy Monkey Creations for allowing me to utilize their accessory molds at the Glyos Factory in China. 

06.17.16 @ 8pm CST
Wave 15 Kabuto Mushi:
Royal Mushi
Hopper Mushi
Buzzer Mushi

On a final & important note, the store is getting super low stock of all previous Kabuto & Titan Mushi products.  The "Special Builder Price" $11 figures are almost gone.