Thursday, February 5, 2015

THEGODBEAST February Kabuto Mushi release 2.6.15 @ 8pm CST

New Kabuto Mushi MKII release 
2.6.15 @ 8pm CST

Galactic Emperor Mushi $16 ea.
Ultra Mushi $16 ea.
Cyborg Mushi $16 ea.

Funny story about the "Galactic Emperor Mushi."  So Chris Para/JafariStew/Tommy Heavenly sent me some mechanicals he was messin' around with...when I saw one it caught my eye and reminded me of Frieza from DBZ.  I was a HUGE DBZ fan in the 1990's till around 2006.  He told me that his mechanical had no toy homage reference and so I tweaked the colors and paint apps a bit and BOOM... 

"Galactic Emperor Mushi" was born!!!  

Thanx Chris for sparkin' my love of DBZ with your mechanical.

Below is Chris' mechanical he sent me....