Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TGB x Onell Design/Glyos on summer vacation!

Badlands South Dakota USA

Mt. Rushmore South Dakota USA

Devil's Tower Wyoming USA

Jewel Cave South Dakota USA

Summer vacation!


MJ's favorite place, the Badlands.

Kobe after scaling a large rock summit in the Badlands.

MJ not being outdone.

Both of them posin'.

MJ, Kobe & I in front of Mt. Rushmore.

The Black Hills & a tunnel that has literally 3" clearance on either side 4 this bus 2 go through!
Notice the large rocks...we scaled them...

MJ & Kobe couldn't go where TGB did 2 ride the rock bronco.

Ok, so I went a little nutz & went way, way, up 2 show off 4 my sons...had 2 sport a Nerd City T & pose.

Devil's Tower Wyoming...TGB's favorite!

MJ, Kobe & I had 2 scale the bolder pile 2 the base.

Nearin' the base of Devil's Tower.

MJ & Kobe near the top on the way down.

My little brother messin' w/ me, pullin' around the back of a gas station hidin' out,
while I drank a "Pile-o'-Dirt" dark brew.  Like I would ever fall 4 the, "we left ya" trick...

Friday, June 10, 2011


So about a year ago, an artist w/ the most drive I have seen in a long while emailed me about the totally obscure toyline "Rocks Bugs & Things" by Ideal in the 80's.  

Leo started doing the most INCREDIBLE GIANT original Mordle sculpts ever!  He asked many questions about molding/casting & then sought out some of the many internet tutorials on molding & casting large sculpts.  The end result was a SUPER KEWL VIDEO he made while producing these giant foam flex Mordles.  

2day the USPS person rang my doorbell & handed me this sons & I opened it, totally FREAKING OUT! Inside the box was this totally OUTRAGEOUS Mordle Monstrosity!

Now MJ & Kobe are arguing over which 1 of them gets 2 put this bad-boy in2 their collection...

I had 2 take the opportunity 2 snap a few quick photos of him w/ the new Glyos Mutants & of course an extra special Glyos Pheyden...ENJOY!

Leo, thank u sooooooooooo much 4 this wonderful sons & I are enjoying it more than u could ever imagine!  U my friend, ROCK!


Galaxxor is filled w/ loads and loads of fun!  The blue-green Glyos Mutant is Thermo Green (turns white w/ heat, compliments of Wolf Vogt of SOLAR COLOR DUST ) and another Mutant in Neon GITD green.