Saturday, August 28, 2010

Steve Forde's Go-Hero "Spaceberg"

Here is an oldie...back in 2005 Steve Forde of Go-Hero sent me a Spaceberg sculpt 2 mold & make prototypes of 4 San Diego Comic Con. I spent some time fixing damage 2 the sculpt (thanks 2 USPS) & had literally 2.5 days 2 mold it, cast 2 protos, & overnight them 2 him in time 4 photos & SD CC 2005. It was stressful, crazy, & worked 60 hrs. straight w/o sleep. Not 2 mention, I was trying 2 complete the 100+ mini "Zing" 2005 SD CC exclusives 4 him simultaneously. The Spaceberg was SOLID crystal clear UV resistant urethane...heavy as heck!!!

Huge thanx 2 Steve Forde 4 giving me the opportunity 2 prototype 4 him! Make sure u CLICK HERE 2 check out his Mechabot & other kewl Kaiju creations! Click on the characters at the top of the page 2 C all his creations!


Friday, August 27, 2010

09/03/10 Freeman's Pop Culture Auction w/ TGB Abominable

September 3rd, 2010, Simeon Lipman & Freeman's Auction House in Philadelphia will have their 2010 Pop Culture & Art auctions where u can bid on this Albino Abominable.
CLICK HERE 2 BID & HERE 2 see the online catalog.

CLICK HERE 4 more Abominable photos

Abominable Official Site

Word has it there is an Abominable II in the works!

GODBEAST Gold Stamped AP Art Hustle 2 card set 4sale!

ONLY 20 sets left!

I am selling my Art Hustle Gold Stamped AP Godbeast Quadrilogy & Profile cards. There are only 25 sets available. I will sign & # them 1/25 through 25/25 (both cards #'s will be matching).

$20 + shipping per set of signed AP cards. These AP cards can only be purchased directly from each artist.

Art Hustle collectors can contact me via email @ or post a comment here in this post to get 1 of these 25 sets.

BIG THANX 2 The Art Hustle crew, SideKickLab crew & especially Mr. Simeon Lipman for such an incredible opportunity!!!

Here are some kewl links 2 SideKickLab showin' the process/work involved on the Art Hustle!!!

Each participating artist was sent a 2010 AP Art Hustle series 1 complete set, 50 AP Artist cards, & an AP wax pack. I also received a complete set of errors & variant cards 2 boot!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Galaxxor cometh!!!

All hail the mighty GALAXXOR!!!

Make sure 2 check out Ben Spencer's Galaxxor blog 4 all the info & future releases!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MJ & Kobe's Sketches...

MJ & Kobe's sketches

Some of these they drew 1 1/2 + years ago.

MJ's sketches:

Kobe's Sketches:

More art by Levi Hoffmeier!

Here was a work in progress by Levi Hoffmeier of "Comic & Concept" & his final piece 4 MJ's Mammoth Monster sculpt! Comic & Concept <-- B sure 2 check out his work!

Here is Levi's work in progress & his final piece 4 Kobe's new "Robo Gloop" sculpt!

Killer designs! Thanx, Levi!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Super 7 "Toxic Catalyst" show

Super 7 & MonstreHero's "Toxic Catalyst" Resin Invitational show 08/21/10 from 6-9pm.

From what I understand the show is @ their old store address, 1628 Post Street, San Fransisco, CA, 94115.

Included will be all NEW pieces from TGB, MJ & Kobe!

Sunday, August 1, 2010



Dork Dimension's Toy Pix of SLIME SKULL CLICK HERE


Another HUGE THANX 2 Onell Design 4 allowing MJ this absolutely incredible opportunity 2 take 1 of his sketches & collaborate it into a new Glyos villan "Slime Skull!"

These are quick photos of the 1st pulls from the mold. These are unfinished & will be 2 toned w/ painted eyes on exclusive colorway Buildmen. Sort of reminds me of Cthulu.

$25 ea. + shipping.


Official Slime Skull List:

4. Wrath1104 PAID/SHIPPED
5. Ghost Target PAID/SHIPPED
6. Starscream PAID/SHIPPED
7. lhssenior PAID/SHIPPED
8. Zebramatt PAID/SHIPPED
9. N13
10. Voodookid2 PAID/SHIPPED