Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ONELL DESIGN X THEGODBEAST Glyos Repoclaimer Soldier sculpt!!!

Ok, so ever since Matt Doughty/Onell Design posted photos of his massive "Repoclaimer," I have been working back & forth w/ Matt to develop a "Traveler" sized "Repoclaimer Soldier" w/ him.  

Much of the changes during our back & forth collaboration were to the massive arms, getting them just right.  Matt is a genius with the added creation of a pressure plate revealing a brain!
This is a 6 pcs. sculpt which I plan on molding after Thanksgiving.  Production won't start until the beginning of December.

As you scroll down these photos you will see the sculpt as it progressed from the beginning sculpt in the last 4 photos up to the top 7 photos which are the final sculpt.  

Final Glyos Repoclaimer Soldier sculpt (next 7 photos).

The only other change not shown in these photos are the straight back photo...I built up & added a define line to the tail end in-between the 2 small legs (a U/V form).

Below are all the progress photos, mainly to the massive arms...

Below are the very 1st photos of my sculpt I sent to Matt prior to any sketches...I was sculpting entirely from his 2 photos posted on his blog here.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

ARMORVOR trading card art & group shot


Header card & trading card art by the SUPER TALENTED Nathan Newell of Dork Dimension.com 
Make sure you check his art out @ dorkdimension.deviantart.com

Thursday, November 3, 2011



Eidrallim Bio Jumper 
& Hammerhead Shark Armorvor

Sphinx Cat Armorvor

Wolf Armorvors
& Eidrallim Bio Jumper