Friday, March 21, 2014

ToyFinity's NEW RoboForce & Mordle drop & ToyFinity comin' 2 chill w/ my Nerd City crew @ 2014 C2E2!!!

Love the building possibilities w/ colorways that match my most recent Kabuto Mushi colorways!!!

Wish my sons & I hadn't missed the GITD Giant Mordle & mini friggin' kewl!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Wrapping up shipping the rest of the Kabuto Mushi MKII figures 2night.

I started shipping 2 hours after the release & should have them all wrapped up in a total of 48 hours after the release.

I can't wait 2 C all the building/nature/collection pix when all the packages arrive!

HUGE THANX 2 everyone 4 another successful release!!!

U guyz R the BEST!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

THEGODBEAST Kabuto Mushi wave 2 ready to SWARM!!!

Everything is on track for Kabuto Mushi wave 2's release tonight @ 8PM CST!!!  

GITD, Metallic/Pearlescent Black, & Ultra Silver will have a strict limit of 3 per customer.

The 2014 Kansas City Planet Comicon & Chicago C2E2 exclusive Metallic/Pearlescent Purple & Metallic/Pearlescent Blue will have a strict limit of 2 per customer.

All 5 figures will be $12 ea. + shipping and come complete w/ matching Mini Mushi figure factory sealed in the bag!!!

Sneak peak of the 5th colorway!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Saturday, March 8, 2014

THEGODBEAST KABUTO MUSHI MKII 2014 Kansas City Planet Comic Con & C2E2 exclusive colorways!!!

With 2014 Kansas City Planet Comic Con comin' up March 14th-16th & Chicago's C2E2 April 25th-27th...thought I would give a glimpse of the shows' exclusives I will offer at BOTH cons & online during the regular scheduled release (which will have 3 additional colorways) March 18th @ 8pm CST.  I will divide these 2 colorways into 3rd's (KCPCC/C2E2/online store).  These will come factory sealed w/ the mini-Mushi included for $12 ea.  There will be strict limits at the cons & online during the release so as many collectors can get their hands on them.  Hope to see & hang out w/ lots of collectors at BOTH Kansas City Planet Comic Con & Chicago's C2E2!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

THEGODBEAST official Kabuto Mushi release info for March & April 2014

First off, let me thank everyone who helped gobble up the initial 4 colorway release of Kabuto Mushi kicking off the 2014 New Year in Jan.!!!

That said, I received paint samples of the next 5 colorways a couple of days ago.  The entire order will be here around March 10th!!!  These 5 ALL NEW colorways of Kabuto Mushi blew my mind when I opened the box from China!!!  WOW!!!

I want to give everyone a bit of a heads up about this 2nd release, a few slight changes, Kansas City Planet Comic Con, & Chicago C2E2 Con.

First of all, I had to make a couple decisions regarding packaging of Kabuto Mushi & Mini Mushi.  

I decided to have each Kabuto Mushi figure come with his companion Mini Mushi figure factory sealed.  So rather than sell the minis separate as a 4 pack for $8 (like the 1st release) or in this case as a 2 pack for $4 at the comic cons and a 3 pack for $6 during the regular online store 2nd release...these next Kabuto Mushi colorways will be $12 ea. complete with the matching Mini Mushi figure.

*True Cast Studio, Fantastic Plastic Toys, and myself will have our first ever booth at Kansas City's Planet Comic Con March 14th-16th.  There will be 2 NEW production Kabuto Mushi colorways at the show (color reversed).  

*I will have a 2nd production Kabuto Mushi release on Tuesday, March 18th at approximately 8pm CST.  There will be 3 NEW production Kabuto Mushi colorways for this 2nd online release (different from the KCPCC & C2E2 figures).   Online store:

*Nerd City will be hosting, Fantastic Plastic Toys, True Cast Studio and myself in their booth once again at Chicago's C2E2 April 25th-27th.  The same 2 figures that were available in March at Kansas City Planet Comic Con will be available again here at C2E2.  

*I will have a small online release of the KCPCC & C2E2 Kabuto Mushi color reversed figures on Tuesday, April 29th at approximately 8pm CST.  So collectors will have 3 chances to snag these 2 special colorways, whether it be a mule at either of these great midwest comic cons or online after C2E2.  Online store:

There is a good chance I will also have a super limited # of the 3 NEW Kabuto Mushi online store release figures with me for sale at Kansas City Planet Comic Con!!! 

Also, don't forget that True Cast Studio & Fantastic Plastic Toys will have their NEW production Mystical Warriors of the Ring colorway at both KCPCC & C2E2 as well!!!

I will post up some photos soon...

I hope I see a TON of Glyos collectors at both cons!!!