Friday, August 15, 2014


I just want to personally thank each and everyone for their support of Kabuto Mushi!!!

I also want to thank everyone for their patience this week while I took my sons on a super mini-mini vacation last weekend before school started this week.

ALL orders were shipped out on 08.14.14 and many collectors should have their orders by 08.16.14!

I quality controlled and double checked each order personally before packing and shipping them out.

Please note that the new builds (due to their shape, length, and width) didn't arrive with all parts fully attached from the factory. Most customers will find some figures that will require a few built up parts to be re-attached. I had an additional 6 boxes due to these new builds not fitting in the normal # of boxes.

Sales were strong and IF orders are steady the next few weeks, I have a SUPER SPECIAL DX Kabuto Mushi planned for my October release. This DX figure will have a total of 30 paint apps and ALL the detail lines factory painted!!! This DX figure will require me to purchase additional paint masks, but, it will be worth it! The finished factory DX Kabuto Mushi won't be a wallet buster.

October's release will be 1 SUPER DX figure and possibly 1 more regular figure.

If this support continues to be this strong between now and through October's release, I might repeat the October order in December with another DX figure (w/ or w/o detail lines) and possibly 1 more regular figure.

Ultra Silver, Metallic/Pearlescent Blue and Metallic/Pearlescent Purple are nearing "Low Stock!"

Matt Doughty of Onell Design has been working on the "Kabuto Mushi Building Challenge" prize pix and I am planning to start the final thread SOON!!!

I hope when collectors receive their orders from this latest release there will be a TON of new outdoor photos, collection photos, and build photos!

Thanx again to everyone for their strong support of Kabuto Mushi!!!


Friday, August 8, 2014

New Kabuto Mushi figures tonight!!! First Instar Warrior & Instar Drone character release!!!

Kabuto Mushi figures tonight @ 8pm CST.

5 ALL NEW neon transparent colorways!

Special "Frost-Fade" effect!!

2 new factory sealed production contained builds: 

Instar Warriors

 Instar Drones

These are all new character contained builds (Instar Drone & Instar Warrior), all new neon frost-fade transparent colorways, new hands (I built up the area around the female holes to hold pins better when used in builds as something other than a hand) that are intermediate hands (there will be one last slight modification to them in the Oct. release), and these are the lowest run Kabuto Mushi to date (cut this order by 33.3%)!!! 

One last note, due to a last minute small vacation before school starts for my sons next week, I will only be processing the invoices and shipping tonight/tomorrow. Packages won't ship out this time until middle of next week. This will be a small exception to my normal 24 hour turn around and I hope everyone can understand.

I think you will dig these new colorways, new builds, and new hands!!!

Thanx to all that show up tonight!!!