Monday, January 20, 2014

Moderately Geeky Podcast covering everything from production Kabuto Mushi MKII, the TGB Kabuto Mushi Building Challenge Contest & MUCH MORE!!!

Click the "PODCAST" image above to take a listen!

I had a complete BLAST w/ the GREAT guys @ 

HUGE THANX 2 Jay, Jason, George, Travis, & Harlan for having me!!!

Hope to do it again sometime soon!!!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014


What an incredible way to kick off 2014!!!! 

All production Kabuto Mushi MKII orders have shipped and are now in the hands of the USPS. 

 Never in my dreams did I expect a sellout, let alone all 4 colorways to sell out in this initial release (especially with the size of the orders I placed)...but, thanx to all the great toy collectors out there it happened!!! Thank you!!! 

Special thanx to: Matt Doughty, Kaleb Swenson, Mark Vasquez, Adam Smith, Josh Edwards, Ben Spencer, and Nathan Newell

Without my TGB dream team it wouldn't have been such a crazy success!!! 

 I am now officially sick as a dawg...I had a horrible headache all day yesterday and my throat is killin' me, but, it was totally worth it to have shipped 224 total packages out in 3 days so collectors could get KM in their hands as fast as possible!!! Now for some much needed sleep... All the best to everyone in 2014!!! 

See everyone here in March!!! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 brings the Kabuto Mushi swarm!!!

After 14+ long years slingin' urethane...production pvc Kabuto Mushi MKII is finally here!!!

Friday January 3rd, 2014 @ 9pm EST/8pm CST (my time) will be my first production release of Kabuto Mushi MKII (Glyos compatible) and the mini mushi swarm.  

Photos of the factory shipped Kabuto Mushi and the mini mushi ready to swarm Glyos collectors' collections.  Thanx to Paul at the factory in China for these incredible initial 4 colorways!!!

BIG THANX to my brother from another mother, Matt Doughty (owner/creator of the Glyos system).  Without him and his intense collaboration there wouldn't be a production Kabuto Mushi MKII.  Regular 3-7 hour phone conversations covering everything from family, to toys, to life in general have been a staple since 2005 when he first befriended me.  Words can't explain the rock Matt has been for my sons and I through some of my greatest accomplishments to some of my darkest moments in life.  Matt, Michelle, Cady, and Cirie thanx so much for having my sons and I in your home over the last 3 years!  It has meant the world to us!!!

I would like to thank my many incredibly loyal, talented, and GREAT friends...

Kaleb Swenson (for backing this endeavor financially...w/o you & your mom, this wouldn't have happened just yet), Mark Vasquez (keeping my computers running & site working), Nathan Newell (help w/ my site & incredible card art designs), Ben Spencer (C2E2/Nerd City home & printing), Adam Smith (molding/casting/prototyping mentor), Josh Edwards (molding & critiquing), & Anthony Leone (too many memories...too many toy hunts...too many years)!!!

Last, but, most importantly...the BIGGEST THANX to my family...

My mom for my creativity (all the support and encouragement w/ my art), my dad for my alpha male drive (all the times hunting & fishing taught me how to survive and to be a true father), my sons MJ & Kobe (incredible grades, incredible talents & incredible young men), and Karina (understanding that 10+ hours per day, 7 days a week for nearly 3 full months is what it took for me to sculpt & prototype this figure and reach one of the most important goals in my life)!!!