Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Kabuto Mushi Wave 15 HUGE THANX!!! THEGODBEAST

WoW!!!  What a turn out for Kabuto Mushi Wave 15!!!

As I type this, Khepri sold out on release night in minutes, Royal Mushi is down to only 3 last units, Buzzer Mushi is down to only 16 units, and Hopper Mushi is hanging out for store stock as planned.

Not planned...regular store stock running low due to a rush of new collectors!!!

I truly appreciate the support of Kabuto Mushi for a full 2.5 years now!!!

HUGE THANX 2 everyone 4 supporting Kabuto & Titan Mushi!!!

Here are the mechanicals for Wave 15:


Tampo Tests (not for sale):

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