Thursday, June 16, 2016 site upgrades & Super DX Buzzer Mushi

I have had TONS of collectors/friends/customers contact me in the last 18 hours worrying about being down for what Lycos/Tripod (my web hosting server) calling, "Upgrades."  

With a VERY IMPORTANT pending release of Kabuto Mushi Wave 15 tomorrow night 06.17.16 @8pm CST.  

IF is still down midday tomorrow, the store will be located at:

HUGE THANX to my brutha from anotha mutha Mark "Computer-Wiz" Vasquez!!!  Couldn't do it w/o him!!!

Here is the link to the supposed "upgrade."

Until is a sneak peek at Super DX "Buzzer Mushi" the 4th & final new Kabuto Mushi in this Wave 15 release!!!  

Recognize this lil' buzzer's homage?

 Enjoy and see you all tomorrow night!!!