Tuesday, March 18, 2014

THEGODBEAST Kabuto Mushi wave 2 ready to SWARM!!!

Everything is on track for Kabuto Mushi wave 2's release tonight @ 8PM CST!!!  

GITD, Metallic/Pearlescent Black, & Ultra Silver will have a strict limit of 3 per customer.

The 2014 Kansas City Planet Comicon & Chicago C2E2 exclusive Metallic/Pearlescent Purple & Metallic/Pearlescent Blue will have a strict limit of 2 per customer.

All 5 figures will be $12 ea. + shipping and come complete w/ matching Mini Mushi figure factory sealed in the bag!!!

Sneak peak of the 5th colorway!!!


  1. Hello.
    I live in Japan.
    I can use PayPal.
    Can I buy your wonderful works?

    1. ATOM, not sure how I missed this message...

      Yes, I accept Pay Pal.

      Be sure to email me at: thegodbeastcustoms@gmail.com if you have any other questions.

      Thank you!