Saturday, March 8, 2014

THEGODBEAST KABUTO MUSHI MKII 2014 Kansas City Planet Comic Con & C2E2 exclusive colorways!!!

With 2014 Kansas City Planet Comic Con comin' up March 14th-16th & Chicago's C2E2 April 25th-27th...thought I would give a glimpse of the shows' exclusives I will offer at BOTH cons & online during the regular scheduled release (which will have 3 additional colorways) March 18th @ 8pm CST.  I will divide these 2 colorways into 3rd's (KCPCC/C2E2/online store).  These will come factory sealed w/ the mini-Mushi included for $12 ea.  There will be strict limits at the cons & online during the release so as many collectors can get their hands on them.  Hope to see & hang out w/ lots of collectors at BOTH Kansas City Planet Comic Con & Chicago's C2E2!!!

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