Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer vacation!


MJ's favorite place, the Badlands.

Kobe after scaling a large rock summit in the Badlands.

MJ not being outdone.

Both of them posin'.

MJ, Kobe & I in front of Mt. Rushmore.

The Black Hills & a tunnel that has literally 3" clearance on either side 4 this bus 2 go through!
Notice the large rocks...we scaled them...

MJ & Kobe couldn't go where TGB did 2 ride the rock bronco.

Ok, so I went a little nutz & went way, way, up 2 show off 4 my sons...had 2 sport a Nerd City T & pose.

Devil's Tower Wyoming...TGB's favorite!

MJ, Kobe & I had 2 scale the bolder pile 2 the base.

Nearin' the base of Devil's Tower.

MJ & Kobe near the top on the way down.

My little brother messin' w/ me, pullin' around the back of a gas station hidin' out,
while I drank a "Pile-o'-Dirt" dark brew.  Like I would ever fall 4 the, "we left ya" trick...


  1. some great pictures here. Makes me antsy to get back out to south dakota soon. my god parents live up there and I spent many a childhood vacation in the badlands and in the black hills. looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. p.s. no wall drug or crazy horse monument pics?

  3. Mr. Redneck strutin his stuff!!