Friday, June 10, 2011


So about a year ago, an artist w/ the most drive I have seen in a long while emailed me about the totally obscure toyline "Rocks Bugs & Things" by Ideal in the 80's.  

Leo started doing the most INCREDIBLE GIANT original Mordle sculpts ever!  He asked many questions about molding/casting & then sought out some of the many internet tutorials on molding & casting large sculpts.  The end result was a SUPER KEWL VIDEO he made while producing these giant foam flex Mordles.  

2day the USPS person rang my doorbell & handed me this sons & I opened it, totally FREAKING OUT! Inside the box was this totally OUTRAGEOUS Mordle Monstrosity!

Now MJ & Kobe are arguing over which 1 of them gets 2 put this bad-boy in2 their collection...

I had 2 take the opportunity 2 snap a few quick photos of him w/ the new Glyos Mutants & of course an extra special Glyos Pheyden...ENJOY!

Leo, thank u sooooooooooo much 4 this wonderful sons & I are enjoying it more than u could ever imagine!  U my friend, ROCK!

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