Thursday, February 5, 2015

THEGODBEAST February Kabuto Mushi release 2.6.15 @ 8pm CST

New Kabuto Mushi MKII release 
2.6.15 @ 8pm CST

Galactic Emperor Mushi $16 ea.
Ultra Mushi $16 ea.
Cyborg Mushi $16 ea.

Funny story about the "Galactic Emperor Mushi."  So Chris Para/JafariStew/Tommy Heavenly sent me some mechanicals he was messin' around with...when I saw one it caught my eye and reminded me of Frieza from DBZ.  I was a HUGE DBZ fan in the 1990's till around 2006.  He told me that his mechanical had no toy homage reference and so I tweaked the colors and paint apps a bit and BOOM... 

"Galactic Emperor Mushi" was born!!!  

Thanx Chris for sparkin' my love of DBZ with your mechanical.

Below is Chris' mechanical he sent me....


  1. Excuse me sir,
    On your store page the Ultra Mushi is listed as 'No Limit.'
    Does that mean the stock is unlimited, or that customers are allowed to buy as many as they want?

  2. That looks way more like Cooler than Frieza actually.