Sunday, December 14, 2014

Final Kabuto Mushi release of 2014

Last Kabuto Mushi release of 2014!!!  

Going out with a BANG this year!!!  

3 Brand spankin' new DX homage Kabuto Mushi figures available in VERY LIMITED quantities!!!  

Insectoid Mushi, Bio Boosted Mushi, & Rider Mushi!!!

Make sure you refresh the store page and check out quickly so you don't get cart jacked!!!

BIG THANX 2 EVERYONE 4 making this 1st year of Kabuto Mushi a powerful 1!!!

Good Luck!!!
Happy Holidays!!!


HUGE THANX 2 Matt Doughty of Onell Design for ALL his guidance, collaboration, and friendship through the years!!!  I couldn't have made this figure what it was without him!!!  

Hopefully we can get a RARE sighting of this BEAST with my Nerd City Crew @ 2015 C2E2!!!  

Photo below of the Doughty Squatch roaming the MA forests!!!  Oh and of him eating a taco!!!  ;)


  1. 2014 was a great year for the Kabuto! Your last release was awesome!!!

    1. Thanx Nash!!! Happy Holidays 2 u & your family!!! All the best!!!

  2. I probably stared at that gif a little too long...

  3. Wow. That sasquatch eating the taco. Wow.