Friday, August 8, 2014

New Kabuto Mushi figures tonight!!! First Instar Warrior & Instar Drone character release!!!

Kabuto Mushi figures tonight @ 8pm CST.

5 ALL NEW neon transparent colorways!

Special "Frost-Fade" effect!!

2 new factory sealed production contained builds: 

Instar Warriors

 Instar Drones

These are all new character contained builds (Instar Drone & Instar Warrior), all new neon frost-fade transparent colorways, new hands (I built up the area around the female holes to hold pins better when used in builds as something other than a hand) that are intermediate hands (there will be one last slight modification to them in the Oct. release), and these are the lowest run Kabuto Mushi to date (cut this order by 33.3%)!!! 

One last note, due to a last minute small vacation before school starts for my sons next week, I will only be processing the invoices and shipping tonight/tomorrow. Packages won't ship out this time until middle of next week. This will be a small exception to my normal 24 hour turn around and I hope everyone can understand.

I think you will dig these new colorways, new builds, and new hands!!!

Thanx to all that show up tonight!!! 


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