Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jason Frailey's new Glyos Lion Armorvor head sculpt

A month or so ago I had Jason Frailey workin' on a new Lion Armorvor head sculpt.  Then  Matt Doughty did some incredible sketches after Jason started the head sculpt and this was the final head sculpt!!!  

I made the molds over Easter Holiday and will be pullin' as many of these Lion heads, the Granthan heads, and the Kabuto Mushi heads as I can prior to C2E2 (April 13th-15th).  These heads will be first come, first serve @ C2E2.  After C2E2 I will post a sign up list for the new Lion and Kabuto Mushi Glyos Armorvor heads along w/ the existing Granthan head list on

1 comment:

  1. I'll order 100 of them please! :) Seriously, this looks fantastic! Looking forward to this upcoming weekend, buddy!