Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cobra Armorvor head sculpt

Ok, so after I sculpted the Infection Fly/Bee head for Armorvor a collector made a request for me to sculpt a Cobra head for the Armorvor.  Here is my attempt...

The last 3 photos are the completed Cobra head sculpt w/ meaner brow scales.


  1. Man, those things are lookin' mighty fine. What're the chances of getting a bad-ass lion's head in the near future?

  2. O_O Now that's freakin' awesome Marty. Beats the hell out of the Cobra head I made at NYCC in 2010 LoL. I'd have to look at a photo of a cobra to see if the head should be longer or not, but this is pretty nicely done so far.