Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pre-NYCC 2011 photo dump

MJ playin' around in the Pheyden costume @ Onell headquarters.

Straight up Glyos inspiration!

MJ trying to make-out w/ a big crab Megan found for him...

 Matt posin' for the camera...hehehe

An incredible day in MA @ the beach!  Thanks 2 Matt & Megan 4 showin' us the wonders of where they grew up!  My favorite part was MJ & I gettin' inside their childhood hideout (even though I barely got out alive) was as special a place for MJ & I as it must have been 4 Megan & Matt!

Gorillo & Jesse prepping for NYCC @ 1am while Matt was runnin' around like a madman...

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