Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NEW Glyos Beetle, Larva, & Dragonfly Bio Jumpers 3 pack


DX III Bio Jumpers 3 pack

I will be molding these 3 new Glyos Bio Jumpers this week.  Then I will start casting over the weekend into next week.  The Dragonfly's wings will be molded separately in crystal clear urethane w/ iridescent additive.  All 3 of these new Bio Jumpers will have different colored eyes inserted into the eye sockets after the pulls.  Collectors will be able to heat up the Jumpers w/ a hair dryer until they are ultra hot and then pose the legs on the Dragonfly or custom fit the Jumpers on different Glyos character heads.  Even the wings of the Dragonfly will be able to be curled/bent or angled into any direction desired by the collector!  This DX III Bio Jumper 3 pack will be $50 + $6 Domestic USPS Priority shipping w/ DC #.  


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