Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thermo & Solar additives 4 your urethane from

So a while back I was contacted by a super kewl guy Wolf Voigt.  He is a distributor of some INCREDIBLE products that will kick your urethane art up 2 it's highest level of gimmicks!  I personally LOVE the Thermo additives that can make your sculpt/toy/figure go from a bright solid color 2 literally semi-translucent & colorless!  I have used his red, blue, & black thermo additives and I will soon be testing out his green, magenta, & orange thermos.

Black thermo is particularly kewl because u can add any color dye along w/ the thermo black additive & when it is exposed 2 heat it will shift from black 2 the color u added!!!  The photos are examples of my work shifting colors w/ his products!

I highly suggest that anyone molding & casting in the custom toy industry should try his products & see 4 themselves how INCREDIBLE this stuff is!  Contact Wolf @ & place your order now!


Wolf's product statement: provides unique color changing technologies to the general public and caters specifically to toy customizers and craft hobbyists. Ever wanted your custom to glow in the dark the brightest it can? How about change colors in the sun? Or even change colors in water?  Visit to find out how to make your customs stand out!
Wolf Voigt

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