Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GANG GREEN @ NY CC 2010 booth #2780

TGB Customs will be a guest @ the Onell Design Glyos/RawShark Callgrim booth #2780 in "The CULTYARD."  Here is a preview of the 9 Limited Edition "Gang Green" TGB x Onell Design figures.  These are deluxe figures that are decked out w/ extra heads & plenty of kewl attachments!  There will also be plenty of extra heads, attachments, and other goodies available individually (in non-"Gang Green" colorways).

The "Gang Green" break down is:

5 figures are $30 ea.
2 figures are $40 ea.
2 figures are $50 ea.


  1. Very COOL !!!

    I like .. I LIKE !!!

    Cya Soon at NYCC !!!

  2. ah wish I could afford! the hand heads are so funny. I always love the really silly stuff like that and the space black lagoon creatures you made a while back