Thursday, May 20, 2010

ART HUSTLE artist sketch cards

My 16 individual hand painted & glossy Art Hustle chase sketch cards. Each card has hologram glitter backgrounds!!! & CLICK HERE 2 find out the process in inserting them!


  1. Nice Marty ... When do these cards come out? Is there a set for each artist, or one set with multiple artists <-- I never quite understood!?

    Also, I love your new page layout for

  2. Thanx brutha!

    Multiple artists in Series 1. Simeon Lipman has all the specifics. Go 2 the link 4 The Art Hustle I have in this post & then contact him 2 find out all the details. He has a list of the artists in series 1 & links 2 their sites there.

    From my understanding the artist sketch cards will b randomly inserted n2 the wax packs (chase cards) just like the 50 autograph cards each artist signed. Check w/ Simeon 2 get the facts on this series though.

    Thanx 4 the compliment on my site changes. HUGE THANX 2 Nate Newell of Dork Dimension 4 designing & implementing it all! What a true friend!

    Call me when u get a chance!


  3. I'm feelin the bright colors on the cards TGB. My favorite is of course the GB. Looks out of this world. Glad I got to talk to you last night. Stay up and keep stacking the $$$$$
    Respect always.....