Monday, April 19, 2010

Limited # of C2 E2 Larvoids available 4Sale here!


Back from C2 was a blast! The after party NerdCity hosted @ the Double Door was off the hook! Special thanx to Ben for gettin' me a ticket & jumpin' a cab w/ him to the show. Also, a special thanx to Steve Seeley & his gf for great conversation/hangin' w/ me. Big thanx to Dan for the kewl C2 E2 live interview (link above)! Thanx to all these guys for their biz as well!

Thanx 2 all that snatched one up, both @ C2E2 & here on my blog!



  1. Wanted: 1 early-stage Larvoid.

    Would like a green colorway, if it won't clash with my Infection set. Otherwise, surprise me. ;o)

  2. Only 5 C2E2 Larvoids left. 3 in hot transparent colorway and 2 in hot semi-transparent/opaque colorway. Only 20 were produced in these hot gradient colorways for C2 E2.