Friday, July 16, 2010

Exclusive GITD GREEN Larvoid

3rd Millenium Toys
Exclusive GITD green Larvoid

Limited 2 only 10 pieces
Signed & #'d

Contact Brad Phillips @ 3rd Millenium Toys 2 purchase 1 of these super limited Larvoids sometime after 08/13/10.

Card art designs by Levi Hoffmeier of Comic & Concept <-- B sure 2 check out his work!

Levi was just a 2nd grader when I started teaching visual art in North Kansas City School District. He earned a BFA from the University of Missouri & is now a fellow artist that I will be collaborating with frequently in the future.

His artistic interpretation of this particular species of Larvoid is absolutely INCREDIBLE!

Please contact Levi 4 signed & #'d prints of his work!

1 comment:

  1. This bottom left painting? It absolutely rocks! Spawns a hundred stories in my head.