Tuesday, May 9, 2017

www.godbeast.com/shop.htm CONTEST/DRAWING!!!

Starting today 5/9/17 until 5/22/17) I will be running a customer appreciation drawing!!!

 For every purchase made at: www.godbeast.com/shop.htm 

your name will be entered into a drawing (done by my sons) to win some of these prototype painted Repoclaimer Soldiers, Mantis Mushi heads, and Pupa Blasters. All sculpted/molded/prototyped by me (Repoclaimer designed by Matt Doughty of Onell Design).

 Multiple purchases will have multiple entries. Every purchase over $100 will get 5 entries. 

 Good Luck!!! TGB

Thursday, April 27, 2017

THEGODBEAST Wave 20 Kabuto Mushi "Cosmic Instars" 04/28/17 @ 8pm CST

Wave 20 "Cosmic Instars." 
Coming this Friday 04/28/17 @ 8pm CST to: GODBEAST.COM
These brand spankin' new Kabuto Mushi will also be available this weekend 04/28-04/30 
at Kansas City Planet ComiCon at Bartel Hall Convention Center in downtown Kansas City!!!

Blister Instar

Blister Instar Reverse

Darkling Instar

Darkling Instar Reverse 


Sunday, March 5, 2017

THEGODBEAST Kabuto Mushi Wave 19 w/ special guest "Scarab Hunter" Callgrim!!!

 Kabuto Mushi x Callgrim

Kaubto Mushi Wave 19 
tonight 03/05/17 @ 8pm CST

Special guest "Scarab Hunter" Callgrim!!!
"Scarab Hunter" Callgrim will be available at www.godbeast.com

"X-Ray Scarab" Mushi mechanical 
Tampo design based off of Onell Design's tampo. 
Kabuto Mushi tampo created by Pat Bussey/Bio Masters

 Alternate Mushi builds

"Neo Nonillia Scarab" Mushi mechanical

 Alternate Mushi builds

Original Artwork by Jesse Moore/RawShark Studios 
(owner of Callgrim)!!!

"Scarab Elite" Mushi mechanical

Alternate Mushi builds

"Scarab Hunter" Callgrim mechanical

Alternate Callgrim builds

Please also visit www.callgrim.com 
for previous RawShark Studios "Callgrim" releases!

Onell Design colorway matching Glyos Axis Joints.

Please visit www.onelldesign.com for previous Onell Design "Glyos" releases & cross company colorways!

WAVE 19 
 set of all 4 colorways