Thursday, March 24, 2011

Miss-fit Mel & Grumpy Dumpty @ Kansas City Planet Comic Con 03/26-27

March must be the month for excessive road trips...

My good friend Jason Frailey (ClawShine sculptor) and his friend Joe asked me to join them at Kansas City Planet Comic Con this weekend in KC.  This will be my first time set up in an artist alley, but, since it is a chance to hang out w/ all my KC crew 2 weekends in a row & I still have some goodies left from C2E2 still all packed up...what the heck.

Adrienne Smith (freelance sculptor for NECA & Hallmark) & Jason Frailey (freelance sculptor for NECA) officially dropped their new sculpts for sale last weekend while in the NERD CITY booth @ C2E2 2011. 

Here is another chance this weekend for collectors to get some incredible limited new pieces from my friends...

Miss-fit Mel sculpted, painted, & package designed by Adrienne Smith.  Molded & cast by Adam Smith Studios.  This 1st release is limited 2 only 12 pieces (hand signed & #'d).  $90 ea. + shipping.  

Grumpy Dumpty sculpted, molded, & cast by Jason Frailey.  $30 ea. + shipping per egg.  $50 ea. + shipping per egg w/ arms & body.  Limited supplies right now and not sure what official limited colorways we will run.

*Both of these incredible pieces are a TGB CUSTOMS promotion/collaboration.

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