Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ClawShine 2.0 figures available now!

I know it took me a while 2 post these photos & many collectors already ordered...but, there are still some left.  The gold ClawShines where hand painted by Jason Frailey & I 2 weekends ago when I was in KC/MO.  Each hand painted figure comes bagged w/ a hand signed header card by both Jason & I.  These are $35 ea. + shipping.  The flesh also gitd blazing orange (nearly red) and there are also a few Thermo ClawShines left as well (see Thermo ClawShine post below).  All unpainted ClawShines are still only $30 ea. + shipping!  BTW, the metallic green are a true scarab beetle metallic green & my photos do not do them justice...as they sparkle a brilliant metallic green as do the few gun metal silver Clawshines.  There are a couple of other gitd mixes left as well.

All orders can be made via email @:  thegodbeast@mchsi.com




  1. Marty,

    You have my order...thanks again!


  2. Just placed an order - great work Marty!