Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nate Newell's masterpiece!

Nate Newell of Dork Dimension did this INCREDIBLE Kabuto Mushi vs. The Infection artwork.  His work will B the card art 4 both the Infection head set & the Kabuto Mushi drops.

Click here 2 C Nate's sketches & more behind the scenes info from this trifecta collaboration of THEGODBEAST X ONELL DESGIN X DORK DIMENSION!!!



  1. That looks very cool, like a painting. Reminds me of the epic battles on card art in the 80's. (e.g.
    I would probably like to draw something in ink and have nate photoshop colors and shades on it, do you think that would be a cool colaboration?

  2. I dig the "Vs" card artwork. Awesome work Yo!!