Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Topps Star Wars Galaxy 6 TGB sketch cards...

I was asked 2 participate in Topps' Star Wars Galaxy 6 artist sketch card series.  I created 56 total cards, 50 that will be kept by Topps for distribution in2 this series & 6 that will be returned 2 me.

Here is a sample of the artist sketch cards I did.  I have been asked not 2 show all 56 yet, but, when I have a green light I will post photos of them all.  All my sketch cards were of the Kenner unproduced/prototyped "Mongo BeefHead" Tribesman for the canceled 1986 toy line.

Here is a custom of Mongo Beefhead that I just made 4 Mr. Simeon Lipman himself!


  1. YO, this is sweet. Worldwide FAME!!
    Sending $$$ in one week

  2. Amazing Marty!
    You are on the Mt. Rushmore of Toy Fabricators/Customizers!
    Mongo is phenomenal! Thank you!!