Friday, August 27, 2010

GODBEAST Gold Stamped AP Art Hustle 2 card set 4sale!

ONLY 20 sets left!

I am selling my Art Hustle Gold Stamped AP Godbeast Quadrilogy & Profile cards. There are only 25 sets available. I will sign & # them 1/25 through 25/25 (both cards #'s will be matching).

$20 + shipping per set of signed AP cards. These AP cards can only be purchased directly from each artist.

Art Hustle collectors can contact me via email @ or post a comment here in this post to get 1 of these 25 sets.

BIG THANX 2 The Art Hustle crew, SideKickLab crew & especially Mr. Simeon Lipman for such an incredible opportunity!!!

Here are some kewl links 2 SideKickLab showin' the process/work involved on the Art Hustle!!!

Each participating artist was sent a 2010 AP Art Hustle series 1 complete set, 50 AP Artist cards, & an AP wax pack. I also received a complete set of errors & variant cards 2 boot!

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